The news related to Military, Politics, and COVID-19 in Arakan on 22 August 2020


Date : 22-Aug-2020

Nyo Twan Awng

There were no major clashes between the Arakan Army and Myanmar Army in the third week in August 2020. However, the Myanmar Army has been continuously launching the massive offensive assaults in the environs of the Kyauk-Tan village tract in Rathedaung Township and in Paletwa Township. In addition, the Myanmar Army has been constantly sending major reinforcement and taking action related to military operations on day and night until today.

The second way of the COVID-19 pandemic in Arakan has been spreading since 16 August 2020. Between August 16 and 22 at 8 pm there were 67 cases infected by Coronavirus. Most of them are from Sittwe, three of 67 cases are from Mrauk-U.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is considered to be a genetic mutation. A new variant of the virus has been rapidly spreading in Sittwe. (It has already spread to some other townships) It is learnt a possibility of further infection.

Therefore, we exhort all people living in Arakan to stay at home and to follow the guideline issued for prevention.

In the face of such a pandemic, the Myanmar government has been committing a grave crime against humanity by continuing to shut down access to the Internet.

There is an urgent requirement to speed up the flow of information and to release accurate news in a timely manner. Portraying only slow dysfunctional 2G internet lines instead of launching a high-speed 4G telecommunication network that needs to be informed public is the racial oppression and ethnic cleansing collaboratively committed by the Myanmar government and its military. 

The United League of Arakan / Arakan Army (ULA / AA) along with Brotherhood Alliance has repeatedly declared a unilateral ceasefire to facilitate the combating and prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. However, the Myanmar Army has been blindly continuing to carry out military operations, taking the spread of Coronavirus as an opportunity until today. In addition, the Myanmar Army has been firing heavy weapons attacks from its artillery bases and warships on a daily basis.

No major clashes have broken out as we are faithfully adhering to our statements and promises.

We will do our best in collaboration with other organizations to lessen the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, we will not take the initiative to launch the offensive attacks except in self-defense even though the Myanmar Army continues to conduct military operations against us in the event of conflict and operational areas.

Arakan Army

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