Date : 24-Jan-2024

United League of Arakan


January 23, 2024



(Refutation on the Burmese Military’s Deceitful Drug Accusations and its Media Propaganda)


              To counter political opposition, the Burmese Army, acting as a coup instigator and an illegitimate military council, consistently makes baseless accusations of drug involvement against rival organizations. This activity is done through their affiliated media channels, propaganda outlets, and supported print media. This strategy is employed primarily whenever they face military challenges from Ethnic Revolutionary Organizations.

              From the commencement of operation 1027 until the present day, the Arakan Army and its allies have successfully taken control of multiple military outposts of various sizes belonging to the Burmese Military in critical operational areas, including Northern Shan State, Paletwa, and others. Currently, amidst unprecedented circumstances on the ground in which SAC is losing over, the conflict in the Arakan region has escalated, and SAC is facing continuous defeat.

              Hence, adhering to their customary approach, the military council has, this month, initiated efforts through their affiliated media outlets to disseminate disinformation, aiming to distort the international perception with propaganda on drug-related accusation and undermine the reputation of our organization. Specifically, the Burmese Military, facing setbacks in the ongoing conflict, has been disseminating false information alleging our organization’s involvement in drugs and illegal substances, thereby unjustly accusing us.

              Furthermore, the Burmese Military disseminates misleading and concocted information to the international community, tarnishing the reputation of our organization. This is done with the intent of fostering a misperception within the international community, employing not only the issue of drug concerns but also human trafficking, international terrorism and others which are deemed unacceptable in civilized society.

              Over the years, the military council’s generals have consistently played a pivotal role in drug and illegal goods trafficking behind the scenes. It has come to global attention that, presently, these generals are implicated in cases of online fraud and illegal gambling (Kyar Phyant) and shielding individuals engaged in these illicit activities. In addition, the people whom the People’s Republic of China wants in the online fraud and gambling industry (Kyar Phyant) have not yet been handed over and surrendered. This action can be attributed to the Burmese Military’s intent to conceal their involvement in these illicit activities.

              Our organization, the Arakan Army/the United League of Arakan, unequivocally declares our commitment to abstain from engaging in or endorsing actions that are detrimental to the well-being of humanity. In our controlled areas as well as along the borders, we have a plan to have a fight against the drugs for a certain time and we are ready to cooperate with any organization for it. Furthermore, our organization is committed to strengthening the legal system, placing specific emphasis on reducing crime rates in the Arakan region and combating human trafficking and international terrorism. We staunchly disapprove of and actively discourage actions that undermine international law and order.

              Henceforth, we formally declare a total rejection on the Burmese Military’s deceitful propaganda which is attempted to disparage our reputation. We assert that we have no association with such practices.



United League of Arakan



DISCLAIMER: The English version is a translation of the original in Burmese for information purposes only. In case of a discrepancy, the Burmese original will prevail.


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