Battle News in Arakan between 30 September and 1 October 2020


Date : 02-Oct-2020

Nyo Twan Awng

The fierce clashes continuously broke out in recent days due to the fact that the Myanmar Army has constantly been conducting military operations and massive offensive assaults.

The war criminal, invading fascist terrorist group, Myanmar Army has illegally been arresting and targeting innocent civilians and, detaining and killing the pedestrians almost every day,  entering from village to village even amid the spread of Coronavirus second wave. On the other hand, it is like carrying and distributing coronavirus because the Myanmar Army's troops have been wandering without any protection, breaking the rules and measures for the prevention and combating the spread of Coronavirus.

On 30 September 2020, the clash broke out for a few minutes due to the fact that the Myanmar Army launched a massive offensive assault toward the area of our troops at the distance of 1.5 kilometers away from the west of Nyaung Chaung village, Buthidaung Township. The enemy had constantly been firing with heavy artilleries. Moreover, the enemy started to launch the offensive attack again at about 7 am in the morning on 1 October 2020. Our Arrakha soldiers could defend the enemies best and seven enemies were killed and wiped out (eyewitness).

The clashes intensified from 1:30 pm till 6 pm on 30 September 2020 due to the fact that over 200 troops of the Myanmar Army simultaneously launched a massive offensive assault from three positions toward the area of our troops at the distance of one kilometer away from the northeast of Taungpot Kay (Chin village), Minbya Township. Our troops were able to defend the enemy's attack best. On 1st October, the clashes continuously occurred because the enemy conducted the massive offensive attacks again into the area where the fighting took place yesterday. During the two days of fighting, more than 20 enemies were killed and over 10 were wounded.

The Myanmar Army has blindly been firing the heavy artilleries every day via the military units under the 66th Division in Ann and Myebon Townships, the 551st Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) based in Buthidaung Township, the Regional Center (9) Training School in Minbya Township, the Ye Soe Chaung Tactical Operation Command (TOC) in Rathedaung Township.

The fighting is likely to intensify in coming days due to the fact that the Myanmar Army has been launching the massive offensive assaults across the Arakan and Paletwa Township.

Arakan Army

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