Open Letter to Facebook


Date : 01-Oct-2019

Nyo Twan Awng

What most people know is that Facebook accounts of AA leadership such as that of AA VCS Dr Nyo Twan Awng, official accounts (under real name) of Aye Twan, ULA secretary 2 and AA/ULA spokesperson Khaing Thuka as well as AA Info Desk page (, have been shut down. CS is not on Facebook. Lesser known is the removal of five pages run by Dr Nyo Twan Awng, which are about football, medicine, poetry, literature and general knowledge. There is a page called “Football Crazy” and another page under the name “Dr Nyo Twan Awng”, with the former dedicated exclusively to football and the latter to medicine. Others include “Dr Nyo Twan Awng Poems and Articles”, which features author’s poems, articles and essays, and “Uplifting Videos and Notes”. Another page featuring poems, cartoons, and articles that were published in the “Arakan Flag Bulletin” and two other pages with light-hearted content were also brought down. Altogether Facebook have shut down seven Nyo Twan Awng pages. Given the nature of these pages, justification provided by Facebook for removing them is flimsy; it is in fact ludicrous. They all serve public interest and none of them has content which can even remotely be considered as hate speech. The company should give me an award for running “public service” accounts which benefit Facebook users. You should not forget me if you ever consider giving away such awards as “Facebook Account Which Serves Humanity”, Mr Zuckerberg. I used to receive regular accolades from you for creating posts which made users smile, saying “your posts make millions of people happy”. Other pages that went down under Facebook’s sledgehammer of censorship are information pages of PSLF/TNLA and Laiza FM Faceook page of KIO/KIA although the account of KIA’s General Gum Maw was seen active as of yesterday [provide date]. The other day I joked with General Gum Maw about this. That Facebook only wanted to shut down KIA’s account, and not KIO’s. Perhaps the reason why Facebook do not dare shut down his account has something to do with the fact that he is friends with folks from NRPC and PC. The only thing I want say about the removal of my Football Crazy Page is that you are doing such a poor job of monitoring content, Facebook. As I am a big fan of Manchester United, I didn’t share any news or write anything other than those related to Manchester United. It is clear that my Facebook accounts have been removed unfairly, which tarnishes Facebook’s reputation. The company should dig deeper to find out the truth before taking such rash actions. Should it have anything to do with Myanmar Government and Myanmar Army, it would only demonstrate that we are making them panic. A 130-day war has begun between Arakan Army and the Burmese Army, and today(March 6th)marks the 76th day of this war. As the Burmese Army is losing out to AA on the battlegrounds, they are resorting to information blackout, hoping to cut off communication between ULA/AA and Rakhine public, hence their ugly attempt to bring down our Facebook accounts. The NLD government is incompetent, and in many areas the government and the military are unable to cooperate with each other. However, they share each other’s pernicious desire to wipe out Arakan Army. We consider ourselves as a reputable organization, and are widely recognized as such. We can open new accounts in no time if we want to but we refuse to do so as a matter of principle. On the bright side, thanks to Facebook’s fiasco, the world came to know that a people who once lived in their own independent state are now at war with Bamar colonialists, and that there is an ongoing 130-day war to win it back. Nyo Twan Awng is like Che Guevara, a leader of Cuba Revolution, in his case fighting Bamar colonialists. I have had accounts on Twitter and VK under my name and will continue using them. Our public will still be informed via and other social media platforms. We would reuse Facebook only if the company brought back our old accounts. Until that happens, we will not use Facebook. We consider the removal of Facebook accounts and pages of our organizations as an act of insult to our peoples. I conclude by saying that Mark Zuckerberg damages his own reputation by only looking out for the company’s profits. Dr.Nyo Twan Awng March 6, 2019 (Thanks for Translation)

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